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Year 25 Goals

Year 25 Goals – in no particular order


1) Develop a Regular Workout Routine – No more excuses Zach. Your 25 now. Get your $hit together.

2) Record a podcast – Another neat way to tell a story! Hopefully this can manifest both personally and professionally.

3) Europe 2.0 – Please covid be done by summer 2021.

4) Get a promotion at work – Now is the time to invest in Zach stock because prices are about to SKYROCKET!

5) Join a soccer team in DFW – Need to get back into playing again. Can help with goal #1 not suck so bad.

6) Help a small business of startup with their marketing efforts – We’re already on our way here… message me if you’re interested in getting some help!

7) Invest – Because compound interest yo.

8) Write more – Look at us!! Wow.

9) Sleep Less – When I was struggling in Memphis, I would sleep a lot. Sleep less.

10) Strengthen faith – Find a church community in DFW area… ideally once Covid has slowed down.

11) Read (Audiobooks count, but really need to READ) at least 10 books in the next year… Less phone time more book time.

Regarding #11…

I’ve already got my Carrollton library card and have rented out 4 books (I know I won’t read them all in the next three weeks… but if I can finish at least 1 that’ll be solid).. Anyone interested in joining my “book club” feel free to message me! I am open to suggestions for business books/ great stories! A few books I have lined up:

Greenlights by Matthew McCounaghey – Definitely getting the audio book for this one

I May Be Wrong but I Doubt it by Charles Barkley – He’s one of the best. If I could get dinner with any 1 celebrity he would be pretty high on my list.

You Can’t Lose Them All by Cousin Sal – Sports gambling stories are always fun

No Fears, No Excuses by Larry Smith – Rented from library

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook by Leonard Green – Rented from library

The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam – Rented from library

Brand Against the Machine by John Morgan – BRAND BRAND BRAND. Personal brand, business brand, so important!!!

So those are my goals for year 25. I hope that by sharing these goals I hold myself more accountable to complete them. Let’s get it.

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