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Year 26 Birthday Fundraiser

The past few years I have started doing a Birthday fundraiser. This year I have selected Stewart's Caring Place in lieu of the L4 project by Michael and Lauren Allio. A lot of my friends know that I enjoy the Bachelor Franchise (I have a Fantasy Bachelor League with a trophy and everything). This past year, I met my favorite all-tie contestant in Michael Allio. Michael A is a widowed man who is raising his 5 year old son. I encourage everyone even remotely interested in learning more to listen to this podcast: If you feel inclined, you can donate here: I encourage you all to Live Life Like Laura. All proceeds for the L4 go directly to supporting families facing a life-threatening diagnosis and give them a community to get help wherever it's needed. "Sometimes the best help anyone gives is unsolicited. Sometimes people who really need help don't even know where to start or what to ask for." "It's wrong to expect a reward for the struggle. The reward is the act of the struggle itself not what you get. And while the can’t expect to defeat the absurdity in the world, we must make the attempt. That’s religion, that’s art, that’s morality, that’s life. Defeat the absurdity in the world. The fact you are TRYING is enough." Phil Ochs

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