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So I’ve always sort of had this knack for story-telling. In elementary school, we would frequently have contests every 9 weeks in school. Typically the teachers would select the 1st and 2nd place writing winners on various prompts from 2nd grade all the way to 6th grade. I would frequently get a first or second place ribbon. I didn’t think much of it at the time. In 5th and 6th grade I started doing UIL reading with my school’s assistant principal, Mr. Dillard. Again it wasn’t something I really had passion for, but my assistant principal thought I was good at it. I was also stuck at my mom’s school most days until 5 or 6 pm, so I guess I was indifferent about hanging out with my assistant principal and sharing stories we’d find to read out loud.

I realize now those were things I was pretty good at. That other kids weren’t necessarily good at. As I grew a little older, I remember writing comics in 7th and 8th grade (about all sorts of odd things) and sharing them with my buddies. I remember sort of attempting to write short stories, and even back then I thought it would be cool to write a book one day.

So I guess that’s why I’m here. I recently turned 25. As a little kid, I always would think to myself, “have fun, travel, live your college years up…. But Zach… you better have your $hit together by the time your 25. I look back and laugh at 12 year old Zach. I feel like I’ve always sort of been an old soul and mature for my age. Extremely high emotional IQ, that’s a huge strength I have.

Anyways… I sort of had this year 25 goal in my mind for quite some time. Then once I graduated college I got a job offer working for Terminix Commercial in Memphis, TN. After backpacking through Europe after my sophomore year of college, I decided I wanted to find a summer internship outside of Texas. I loved my backpacking experience through Europe and will write about it later. I received the internship opportunity in Memphis and made the most of it. I never thought I would be going back to Memphis, but it was a great opportunity I created for myself. I received advice from a few mentors that your first professional job will be your most important, as it can lay a foundation for the rest of your career. Looking back 3 years later that is absolutely right.

I’ll write about Memphis some other time, but in short Memphis was a chapter of excitement, growth, adversity, and lots of adversity. My goal was never to be in Memphis long-term. It was to get back to Texas within a year or 2 or 3 and try and stay in a similar job to what I had in Memphis. So as of July 2020, and after a wack-ass few coronavirus months…. I completed that major life goal as well.

So year 25 is a year of new goals. It feels weird, my previous goals were so long-term. This year I’ve created a list of 10 goals to accomplish before year 26 (god that sounds old). I’ll share those later, but one of the goals is to start writing more. Not because I love writing, but because I love storytelling, and one day I’d love to leave a great story for future grand-children, great grand-children, friends and family who’d be interested etc. Imagine if you had the opportunity to read stories of the life of your great grandfather, or great great grandmother? How incredible would that be? I want to leave that legacy behind (I mean also, years after I’m gone people will be able to see all my dope Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts)…. That will be cool, but so will this.

So let’s start telling some kick-ass stories.

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